Curriculum Vita of Benjamin Bacon
139 McIntyre St.
Savannah, GA 31415
Phone (912) 376-3448

January 2009

Benjamin Bacon is the founder and sole proprietor of PLANE SPACE DESIGN, the parent company of Automation Division Incorporated  He has been the Chief Designer, Head of Operations, Business Manager and a researcher at  PLANE SPACE DESIGN since 1994.  In  2000 he became a CEO and founder of Automation Division Incorporated, a Georgia Corporation for implementing and developing an assortment of automation technologies.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he was a member of the world of academia.  He has accumulated nearly 10 years of study at the college level.  He has degrees in Music from Fisk University, Computer Science and Technology, and Electronics Engineering Technology from Savannah State University. He has studied Music Composition, Art, Language and Astronomy at the Fulham South Kensington Institute and Morley College while on the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in England.   His most recent technical studies occurred in 1992 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied Systems, Controls and Communications, Artificial Intelligence, and Photonics. In 2004 he received his MAED in Adult Education and Distance Learning from the University of Phoenix.

Mr. Bacon alternated study with a lot of work experience.  His work included research positions involving photonics and computer programming at AT&T Bell Labs (now Lucent Technologies Bell Labs) at the Holmdel location and at the Murray Hill location. With AT&T, he introduced himself into their Smart House home automation project with an innovative design idea.  He also automated his computer simulation assignment making it possible to run batch jobs with the simulator that did not already have that capabilities. This enabled more data to be collected from semiconductor process simulation programs in a day.  At Murray Hill, he automated data collection for experiments involving a laser and optical sensors and a technically sophisticated oscilloscope.  He worked in research for the Department of Energy at Savannah State University and at Los Alamos National Laboratories, again innovatively introducing fresh approaches to the use of computers in research.  

Mr. Bacon has worked as a private tutor and teacher of music and of mathematics since 1980 doing much of the latter while matriculating at Savannah State University.   He has appreciable skill in cybernetics, mathematics, engineering, computer science and technology, and physics. Further, he has worked in a chemistry lab for three years as a researcher.  

At PLANE SPACE he has designed, prototyped, and repaired electronic circuits.  He is familiar with PWB manufacturing techniques because of this experience and his college training. He designed the Automation Division Incorporated business plan as an extension of the automation and artificial intelligence goals of PLANE SPACE DESIGN and automated manufacture of PWBs is one of the main goals of this plan.

Before studying technology, he studied and worked in the visual, audio, and literary arts and he is still an active musician, artist, and writer having produced a significant volume of creative work.  His early years saw him as leader of a jazz band and as a staff member, then leader of a college radio station moving up to become the station's manager.  He has been vice-president of a Phi Mu Alpha fraternity chapter for four years.

Mr. Bacon has been published in the Department of  Energy research reports library, is the holder of copyrights on technical papers and on fiction works, copyrights on music, and is actively seeking to increase his intellectual property holdings by filing for patents on his several inventions.  In the future, he plans to publish a physics theorem that he created and has been developing since the mid 1980s and to design instrumentation for use in space exploration and travel.


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