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UPDATE February 14, 2013
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The green mind has come to Plane Space Design full force. The company has evolved beyond just using alternative energy products and is now doing research and development on alternative energy technologies. There may be several groundbreaking products coming out of this activity and one such product is in the process of being developed, possibly with the help of Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Plane Space Design is committed to helping the green path take hold in the world. Some of our designs are perfect for the needs of an environmentally concerned world.
THE TRUTH IS NEWS                                        THE TRUTH WILL MAKE US FREE

I have always loved the truth for reasons that go beyond the fact that it is thought to be something good and of value. The truth can be empowering for those who have the rare ability to be passionate about telling it. I have this power, and with it faith that being dedicated to the truth will someday make me free. Hence, this experiment in empowerment through the truth. Inside these web pages will be presented unabridged, hard-cutting truths about the world in which I live and operate. Business does not go on in a vacuum here on terra firma, and thus there is a lot of truth to be reported from right here in my own business environment. Some of it will shock you, surprise you, or disgust you, but if freedom is to be obtained, the truth must be told. Thus, you will be made free from not knowing, and I from not saying. Long live truth!

THE TRUTH IS NEWS                                        THE TRUTH WILL MAKE US FREE

My New Strategy

Looking around and evaluating the state of my business, I have been reminded that I am not operating as well as I had planned. I asked, what is wrong? Thinking about it, I realized that I have great ideas that I am not working on. I have tried to get projects started on my best ideas, but have ended up working on whatever I can finance myself. My best ideas costed more than I could afford. Well, now I am not as business property and working capital deficient as I was when I began Plane Space Design. My company is at least capitalized enough to begin working on my best ideas. Thanks to watching NASA TV, I have been reminded that the most is gained from the best ideas that we have. My strategy now is to compare my ideas, choose the best that I have, and to begin to work on these. I expect to have a long list of ideas that could be my best. I am hoping to employ people who can develop them the way that they deserve to be developed. I realize that at this stage of the game I must share the glory with others, if my goals are to be met. In some cases that is okay with me. There are many deserving people out there for that type of reward for work to be bestowed upon. As a result of this new strategy, I know that my business is about to rocket to the top.
An Educational Paradigm on The Horizon

As of June 30, 2004, the owner of Plane Space Design has had confered upon him the degree of Master of Arts in Education, Adult Eduaction and Distance Learning from the University of Phoenix. Plane Space is now a learning company, where products and services are being driven by increasing growth and development of our clients' knowledge and abilities. Plane Space plans to tear down the complexity barriers that exist between our clients and their goals of having strong Information Technology infrastructures.

UPDATE 08-31-2006
The growth of the learning paradigm has reached the level of a focus of the operations of Plane Space Design. We are offering training in computer productivity as a primary service line now. Design services that supports this goal of our clients and the goal of technology efficacy is one of our newest offerings. That includes instructional design, workspace design, and systems design, planning, and procurement.

The infrastructure at Plane Space Design has gotten an upgrade. The office space is now being served by a wireless network. "It will mean more freedom to roam between locations at a site for data input and retrieval, which is essential for productive operations," the owner stated. "Information has to be moved from file room storage to digital storage. Doing it with wireless devices makes a lot more sense." Most important to the process, at this time, is the newly installed HP handheld PDA. It has both Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b integrated into it. That will enable very efficient knowledge management to be performed. How? By eliminating the need to haul boxes of files from the file room to the data input area. The PDA is ideal for capturing data like web page URLs, addresses, and phone numbers from documents that have lots of other information that it is not necessary to extract; as in, for example, magazines.

UPDATE 08-31-2006
The wireless infrastructure has been a method of increasing the smoothness of the workflow. There are yet still some wired structures and now unused wireless devices caused by upgrades to 802.11g routing have appeared. The two network structures, wired and wireless, coexist well because they both have a niche. I foresee more wireless infrastructure, less wired connecting, and more VoIP in the future of our network. Wireless security is pretty robust against hacking, but I see no obvious guarantees against spying and snooping. I have found ways to help the network hardware keep our data safe however.
Plane Space Design Is Using Renewable Energy

The power systems at Plane Space Design are being switched over to renewable energy sources. Currently solar energy provides the bulk of the energy used at Plane Space. In the future, more solar energy panels will be added along with fuel cells.

UPDATE 08-31-2006
Plane Space Design has been back on the public power grid since April. The tax season was the main reason for this action. However, business life was found to be a lot easier after going back to the grid. I am not anxious to go back to full dependence on solar because I do not have enough power from it yet. To operate comfortably, I need at least 1kw of available power. That is my bear minimum. Though I am happy that my business can have some capability to function with only 20W of solar generated power available, that was too hard for my tastes. It was an exciting experiment nonetheless.