About Sebnut Kamuas Tutamem

by Benjamin Bacon

Many people who have interacted with PLANE SPACE over the years have encountered a person named Sebnut Kamuas Tutamen who has been as mysterious to them as the historical source of his name. To enlighten those who may be interested in knowing more about this person, I have written this document to provide insight into his identity.

Sebnut (pronounced Se-bin-nut) is a person who was created from the imagination, therefore he was not born from flesh and blood as much as he was from history, imagination, feeling, and thought. He was created to serve a purpose for me as an extension for myself, and he eventually became so useful as to become as necessary as the most important things that I own.

His first use to me was to become my link to a heritage that impressed me so much, that I wanted it to become a part of me again. That heritage is from Africa and, in particular, the golden age of Egypt and the birth of civilization. Creating Sebnut and taking him as my soul made me Nubian and worthy of all the rights of civilized human beings; life, freedom, property, and enterprise. I imagined that Egypt was my heritage and through Sebnut Kamuas Tutamen, it was so.

SKT represented the new knowledge and new friends that I had acquired while traveling, Egyptian folklore and Egyptian people. I loved them, and I found them to be much better in reality than they were in rumor. I learned things from them about life and love, and they taught me things about music that changed me forever; Sebnut Kamuas Tutamen is the embodiment of those memories.

Eventually, SKT became an administrative extension of myself as my domain of activities began to grow beyond a size that is easily managed. He became a category under which ideas and activities that could have overflown and flooded my identity could be filed. This name came to be the designation for information related to my interests in astronomy and space sciences, aerospace and rocketry. He was the procurer of my library and the source of new ideas in research and science. He became a super-intelligence with answers to great problems in science through almost mystical intuition and extrasensory perception. When he reached this level, he enriched me and my company greatly and proved that he was indeed Kamuas. As well, he became a means of security, enabling me to confuse potential thieves and being understood only by my most trusted financial partners, my banks.

Though he had become so important to me, Sebnut Kamuas Tutamen remained mostly inert, because his origins were founded in things that were intangible. He eventually found strength in the knowledge that others before him had had the same origins, especially Lewis Carroll who succeeded so well as an imagined person who became real. Because he knew that it had been done before, SKT decided to live, in spite of his fears of misconception and persecution. He is alive and well today and is making plans to become as real as he can be so that he can really represent me, have his very own bank account, or conduct big business without fear; and, most importantly, perhaps register his name to a few patents.

Finally, with all seriousness aside, I find names to be a lot of fun, and I have experimented and played with my birth name for years; trying to use it to be creative, to impress, and so on. Sebn-ut K. Tutamen has been a name that has been even more fun for me. He is, a good, old, and fun, African name who represents my love from the source of all that we love.

Copyright 2001 PLANE SPACE