Towards Greater Civilization
"A human society having an advanced stage of development in the arts and sciences and social, political, and cultural diversity."

Now that our definition of civilization has evolved, it is time to understand the importance of the main ingredients of the new definition of civilization; social, political, and cultural diversity. The need to master diversity in a civilization is no trivial concern. Let us examine the facts of our situation in society. There are on earth many races, cultures, political systems, skin colors, and other differences in characteristics that we describe ourselves by. Among these, some differences exist because we have chosen to define ourselves by the standards of our own making. The remaining characteristics of people in society, that make us different, were created by nature. These are the characteristics for which the case for mastering diversity in civilizations is being built.

If nature has forced us to be different in some ways, then nature has forced us to be diverse. Without argument, we have to concede that this is the way of nature; to make things in great variety among the species of living things and the types of nonliving things. What sense does it make for us to ignore this fact and adopt social attitudes that claim that there is no place for diversity among us? It is a mistake if we even take our diversity lightly, though we may accept it. For civilization's sake, we need to embrace the diversity; become consciously aware of it's powerful origins, and master it. We must stop accepting the diversity that nature created in us as a cause for divisive behavior. Diversity is a fact of life; a force of nature. If we do not master it, we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

What, then, has more influence over our evolution into a civilization than the longstanding test of whether we, the human race, can master the one thing that has divided, confused, and caused self-destruction among us since the dawn of social consciousness. Will we be able to master our diversity and gain our spiritual home of peace here on earth? Or will we continue to live like lower consciousness life forms, unaware of the higher truths that have been existing around us? I am optimistic that out of the dawn of social consciousness civilization will rise.

March 15, 2003

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