Do you have a strong work ethic and sufficient time to put into a project that is developing intellectual property assets for PLANE SPACE DESIGN?  Then you should consider becoming a partner with my design firm as a patent agent. I am offering this opportunity to become a partner to those who are patent attorneys or are attorneys who want to become patent attorneys. This partnership will require no involuntary monetary investment from the attorney. Time is your primary investment requirement.  In addition to the prestige of being a business partner, the accepted person may be rewarded with a valuable return on their invested time or money. The incentive to accept this offer is my promise that the number of assets from which we may possibly profit is large. A partner can reap huge financial rewards if they apply huge efforts.

Feel free to contact me to talk about it and ask questions if you are considering accepting this offer of partnership. Interested persons can contact me by email or call:

Benjamin Bacon, Owner
Home Office 912-376-3448